No Route 10 Warehouse

Our mission - NorthPoint Development is planning to build a 738,000 sq ft warehouse (click to read more).......

Over the past 18 months Cumru commissioners have quietly been planning with developers to approve the rezoning of 170 acres along Rt 10 as industrial, agreed to install a traffic light on Rt 10 for the coming barrage of 18 wheelers, and gave assurance of no taxes to the developer.

All of this in the peaceful communities of Flying Hills, Heritage Senior Living, neighbors and other local businesses and health care providers. Big trucks will be choking traffic in the area 24 hours a day and creating huge backups because trucks won’t be able to make it up the hills on Rt 10 any faster than 10mph. Residents will not sleep because of the continuous roar of their brake retarders, and black smoke will stain the buildings from their diesel exhausts. And we get to pay for all the fire, police, infrastructure and utility improvements through our taxes.

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********The Wheels are in Motion*********

Update: Our Community, in partnership with Penske, have filed a validity challenge against the township to revert the rezoning to Rural Conservation. We are told by the township that this now Stays any further consideration of the NorthPoint plan until the challenge is resolved.

The validity challenge is filed with the Cumru Zoning Hearing Board (ZHB) against Cumru Township Board of Commissioners with regard to Spot Zoning based on the 2018 zoning change from Rural Conservation to General Industrial. The ZHB is the Judicial arm of the township government with initial jurisdiction. Depending on the outcome, next steps would be the Berks County civil courts then appeal courts.

Please keep checking back, this is the beginning of a long legal process but circumstances can change quickly. It will be in NorthPoint's best interest to pack up and go away, but we still need to correct the zoning so this cannot happen again.

Here are the Board's email addresses

President Ruth A. O'Leary

Vice President David J. Batdorf

Commissioner Sam Kalbach

Commissioner William B. Miller

Commissioner Lisha Rowe

Township Manager Jeanne Johnston <> (paid position, not a voting member)

Cumru Planning Commission votes to Reject the NorthPoint Plan!

At the September 12 meeting the Planning Commission determined there was no further action possible by the commission and voted to recommend rejection of the plan due to safety and traffic issues. The plan now goes to the Township Board of Commissioners for their final vote. The Board still has the ability to accept the Planning Commission recommendation and reject or they could approve regardless of the recommendation. So we need to keep up the pressure to oppose this plan.

The next Board of Commissioners meeting is scheduled for Sept 20 where this topic will be on the agenda. The Board stated they are not able to arrange an alternate location for the meeting and the Township can only accommodate 80 people in the room, including the Township members. So public attendance will be limited. Our team contacted the Township to offer assistance to arrange for space at Governor Mifflin but were shot down. Click here to see the Township's response

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Another Rt. 10 rollover accident

Sept 3 about 3PM. 100 yards south of Freemansville Road. Car was headed south and somehow crossed over to the opposite side and hit a stump on the bank, causing the car to roll on it's side. Luckily no serious injuries but think about where all those trucks would go for the hours Rt. 10 was shutdown.

Latest Updates - September 3

Northpoint submitted a few new planning documents as required by Township ordinances in advance of the Sept 12 Planning Committee meeting. These check a few boxes in their hopes of getting Township approval for the warehouse plan. Still no Traffic Impact Study.

Northpoint and Schlouch Engineering should be thankful these docs are not graded on quality or content. For example, the Community Assessment plan is supposed to detail emergency management. Schlouch managed to fit the entire emergency management plan into half a page.

Please be sure to attend the Planning Committee meeting Monday Sept 12 6PM at the Governor Mifflin Intermediate School Cafeteria where these plans will be discussed.

Update - August 16

The next important Cumru Planning Committee meeting is planned for Monday Sept 12 at 6PM in the Governor Mifflin Intermediate School Commons Area. This is the meeting where we expect the planning committee to discuss the waiver requests from NorthPoint. We need to fill the room again to continue to show the township that the community is united in opposition to the NorthPoint plan.

Our attorney, Matthew J. Creme, will be there to speak on our behalf so the best thing we can do is show our strength by attending but let the attorney do the talking this time. Our hope is that the committee sticks to the ordinance requirements as much as reasonably possible and not grant waivers that NorthPoint requested at the August meeting. Mr. Creme described that some waivers for minor items are commonly granted if the developer can reach the same results with an alternate process so it would not be unexpected for some of the requests to be granted.

But the waiver requests to skip the Environmental Impact Analysis, the Community Resource Impact Assessment, and the Traffic Impact Study are very significant and the committee should required these as per ordinance. It is good planning to require these studies and make sure all issues are covered and not just "trust" the developer to do the right thing.

There are other legal challenges in process behind the scenes, but the Planning Committee actions regarding the waivers are the most important to focus on now. The Planning Committee must make a recommendation to the Board of Commissioners before the November 30 deadline. The Planning Committee has the job to review the developer's plan ,determine compliance with ordinances (or issue waivers), and make a recommendation to the Board of Commissioners to approve or reject.

PC 08012022 agenda.pdf
NP-GVC review letter for revised plans 7.29.2022.pdf

Let's Support our Township Commissioners!

We have sent some clear messages to the Township that the vast majority of residents are opposed to this development. But the Township has not approved anything and we need to support them to make the right decisions while they still have control. We must suggest to the Township what they can do to support the residents.

The Township has discretion to set the appropriate requirements for the Northpoint plan. The most obvious opportunity is for the Township to require a new Traffic Impact Study. The current study was done for the Mail Shark proposal which is now defunct. The study is very limited in scope and it is invalid for this project. The Township requirements and approval are completely separate from the PennDOT approval so the Township should not make any decision based on PennDOT. The first step before the study is started is to have a scope meeting with the applicant, the township, and PennDOT. We think the Township should require this meeting and insist the scope to include all intersections from I-176 Northbound to US-422 at Lancaster Ave to I-176 at Rt 724.

Let’s encourage the Township to make this requirement, then we can address the study findings based on a relevant scope. We should review the other parts of the plan to identify similar opportunities for the township to set requirements that ensure the health, safety, and wellbeing for our residents.

Cumru Planning Commission Meeting: Important Update

Thank you to those who took the time to attend Northpoint’s second Open House on July 26 at the Berks Nature Center.

As you may know, we have engaged an attorney to look into ways in which we can fight the proposed warehouse. We wanted to give you a brief update of what was discussed with the attorney.

First of all, we have retained an expert in the field of zoning and land development issues. He has represented 40 municipalities in 6 counties, so he is well aware of the legal process in matters of this sort.

The attorney explained the process for the submission and for the township to approve the land development plan. Once the application/proposed plan is submitted to the township, a timeline begins. The Township has 90 days within which to take action pursuant to state law. In those 90 days, reports (review letters) are gathered, environmental, traffic, water and sewer studies and the like. In this case, the Township has requested different engineers to review different aspects of the plans as submitted. Those reports often take time and in most cases, it is necessary for the applicant, the land developer, to request an extension of the 90 day period in order to provide all reports from engineers, etc., necessary for township approval. That 90 day period, in this case, will expire in September and it is very likely that an extension will be requested and granted. For this reason, it is possible and even likely that the applicant (Northpoint) will remove this matter from the August 1 agenda. This is not at all unusual and sometimes happens at the last minute.

Once the developer/applicant’s reports are submitted, they are “proofread” and township engineers make recommendation and/or suggested changes to the plans as submitted. These are called review letters and the township will point out errors in the plans that can be remedied (waivers). In a project of this size, we can expect many waivers/changes to be suggested which will prolong the process.

All things considered, we plan to attend the August 1 meeting to begin at 6PM in the GM Intermediate School cafeteria (with No Route 10 Warehouse signs in hand) to make it known to the Township that we are still very much objecting to the proposed warehouse. Whether they allow us to speak at the meeting (if the item is removed from the agenda) remains to be seen. If we are permitted to speak and make comments, it is likely that they be limited to 3 minutes per speaker.

Rest assured that our opposition to the warehouse continues. We have experts in the field planning strategies to fight on our behalf.

Please continue to follow our website,

where we will post news and updates from time to time. Please also consider a donation to All monies collected will be used to pay for attorney fees and expenses. We need your help! If each member of our community would make a donation in whatever amount they are comfortable with, we could reach our goal. We need your help! We can’t do this without the support of our community. If you have other fundraising ideas, or ideas about how to spread the word throughout our community, please feel free to reach out on our webpage with your ideas.

We appreciate your support!

Come Together

"Coming together is the beginning.

Keeping together is progress.

Working together is success!"

- Henry Ford

The opening track on the Beetle’s 1969 release, Abbey Road is entitled, “Come Together”. Written by John Lennon, the song was conceived as a sign of Lennon's political support for the writer, psychologist and pro-drugs activist Timothy Leary in his bid to stand against Ronald Reagan as Governor of California. The song was to be a rallying cry for people to come together in support of Leary’s campaign. History tells us that the song and the album enjoyed much more success than Leary’s campaign, which ended shortly after his arrest for cannabis possession.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to come together, if you will, with concerned neighbors and many others who have recently been made aware of a proposed 750,000 + square foot warehouse/distribution center to be erected immediately adjacent to a planned community that serves as the primary residential development in our township. As you can imagine, there is substantial push-back by residents and some local businesses. Concerns include, but are not limited to, previously approved zoning decisions, increased traffic volume, environmental impact, noise and light pollution and general safety issues. However, a remarkable thing is happening, people are coming together, working together and no one gives a damn about political affiliations, ethnicity, religion or any of the other roadblocks that so often get in the way.

Two weeks ago I began my blog, Bigger than Yourself with a quote from Norman Vincent Peale, “The more you lose yourself in something bigger than yourself, the more energy you will have.” It’s true! Over the past few weeks I have marveled at how people have come together in support of this unique cause. In this short period of time, a logo has appeared, a webpage created, and an attorney contracted. Productive meetings are happening and positive emails containing productive thoughts fill my inbox daily. Recently the developer sponsored an open-house designed to inform and enlighten. While almost all those present were against this project, not once did I hear a negative slur, a loud accusation or threat. It seemed that everyone, on both sides of this issue had embraced Covey’s 5th habit, “Seek first to understand and then be understood.”

I have no idea what the outcome will be for this particular issue. I’m hopeful that those on the Planning Commission and the Township Supervisors will listen to the residents and work with the Developer in finding a more appropriate site for this project. However, regardless of the outcome, this initiative has demonstrated that people can put labels, affiliations and the like aside and come together, work collaboratively and seek better outcomes. Margaret Mead was right, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." We might not be changing the world, but you have to start somewhere!