How to Help

  • Please help to support our legal efforts to stop this warehouse! Click Here - GoFundMe

Some of you have reached out in the past few months because you wanted to donate to our legal fund but weren't comfortable using Gofundme.

We have a solution for you! Our attorney has agreed to accept checks, if you are so inclined. Please make your check payable to Matthew J. Creme, Jr., or to Nikolaus & Hohenadel (either is fine) and mail as follows:

Matthew J. Creme, Jr., Esquire

Nikolaus & Hohenadel, LLP

212 North Queen Street

Lancaster, PA 17603

Please be sure to note on the check or with an enclosed note that the monies are to be applied to "Cumru Residents/File #2198-0001".

Here's why this is just a BAD idea:


  • Stormwater runoff flooding and damaging Valley Stream Rd

  • Saturated ground cause trees falling on Valley Stream Rd

  • Changes to groundwater destroying aquifers for resident wells

  • Cutting down 100’s of trees

  • Destruction of ecosystem for natural habitat for wildlife (Eagles, Fox, Deer, Hawks, etc.)

  • Destruction of Steep Slope areas

  • Storm drains at Freemansville intersection draining into private yards

  • Light pollution

  • Noise pollution

  • Air pollution

  • Safety

  • Additional 150-200 truck daily on Route 10

  • Additional 800-1000 cars daily on Route 10

  • Keep in mind that Valley Stream Road and Mt. Penn Road are probably some of the last roads to get plowed during snow events!

  • Trucks coming up the hill from the intersection of 724 will be going painfully slow. People will attempt to pass them, potentially causing head-on collisions.

  • Trucks coming up the hill from the intersection of 724 during ice/snow events will get stuck. Again, people will attempt to pass them, potentially causing head-on collisions.

  • Trucks coming down the hill to the intersection of 724 during an ice/snow event will find it very difficult to stop and slide into cross-traffic.

  • 422 (East/West) is already the site of numerous accidents, especially where it intersects with I-176. During rain, snow or icy events, multiple accidents occur. The warehouse traffic will just add to the number!

  • Green Hills exit from I-176 North. This exit ramp is short. When multiple trucks are waiting to pull out from the stop sign, traffic behind them could get backed up onto the highway, creating the potential for rear-end collisions at high speeds. There is also a very limited view at the stop sign when making a left turn. People do not drive slow on that stretch of Route 10. Accidents WILL occur. A traffic light will be needed there! Keep in mind, this is in Robeson Township. Cumru has no say in the matter!

  • Mt. Penn Road is equally dangerous. It has sharp curves and ends at Route 625 and there is a one lane bridge just before the end making this also dangerous if many vehicles attempt to take this alternative route at the same time. If multiple cars take this route, there will be a backup there.


  • Route 10 in this area, simply cannot handle all that traffic!

  • During the peak traffic hours, the additional cars and trucks will cause backups at every intersection with a light.

  • Every intersection that does not have a light, every private residence, every business will find it difficult to enter or cross Route 10.

  • Many of the residences, businesses and roads along Route 10 have very limited views left and/or right when trying to enter Route 10, making entry dangerous. A wet, icy or snow-covered surface could cause tires to spin, The few seconds lost, could be costly if a truck or car is coming and can’t stop!

  • Limited alternative routes in case of accidents blocking road

  • Because of the new light at Freemansville Road, northbound cars/trucks will have to stop on the hill. During snow/ice events, someone will, undoubtedly, be unable to start up the hill, blocking the road with no way around.

  • Because of the new light at Freemansville Road, southbound cars/trucks will have to stop going downhill. During snow/ice events, someone will, undoubtedly, not be able to stop at the light, sliding through the intersection, and potentially hitting cross traffic or rear-ending someone that did stop.

  • Valley Stream Road is not a good alternative route around any backup. It’s narrow and windy and it ends at Route 724 which is already a dangerous intersection. Turning left there is treacherous! If multiple cars take this route, there will be a backup there.

  • The intersection of Lancaster Avenue (222 Bus.), 10 and 422. If you go to this intersection during the morning or evening rush, you know what a mess it is. Imagine adding just 25% of the traffic (cars and trucks) to this intersection!

  • If you travel on 422 (East/West) during the day, you already know how busy it is. At least 50% of the traffic coming from, and going to the warehouse, will have to use 422 at some point. Do we want all this extra traffic there?